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Graphic design is everywhere. And design matters. How we publicly present our business, declare our intentions, and create a unique identity is what separates us from every other business. I provide graphic design and marketing services for small to medium sized businesses.

I can help your business, or organization strengthen its brand by prioritizing values, messaging, and presentation.  I’m ready to leverage my experience on your behalf.




It’s impressive how business owners multitask. Day-to-day operations are demanding. Keeping an eye on approaching deadlines, while simultaneously seizing opportunities when they present themselves can be a challenge. That’s where I come in. I provide design solutions to help businesses meet marketing production goals. 




I have so much respect for small business owners. It takes courage to put an idea into motion, to create a brand that will hopefully produce a steady, reliable income stream. 

I have just gone through my own rebranding process that started over two years ago when I decided to go back to school to earn a degree in graphic design.

Rick Saul

I had been a marketing director for two ski resorts over a period of 18 years, and as such, became a self-taught graphic designer. Using design skills to produce marketing materials was the most enjoyable part of my job. So when it was time to turn a new career page, graphic design was an easy choice to make.

The design industry is growing rapidly, which makes it both challenging and fun. New norms and techniques are emerging in web and print design all the time.

If you’re interested in strengthening your company’s brand messaging, or you need assistance in developing marketing materials, I’m ready to support your business.


Duotones are trending in design – and for good reason

Duotone images are enjoying a surge in both web design and print mediums. Designers can choose vibrant colors to attract attention or use muted tints and shades to set a passive design stage. Duotones can pull colors from the client’s style guide to provide cohesive brand messaging. By reversing the foreground and background colors, duotone images …

My Own Rebrand

I remember the day I chose to exit the ski industry after being in the business for 38 years. The finality of that decision became official several days later when our local newspaper published the story. I’d heard that fear and excitement are parallel emotions, and I was simultaneously feeling both as I read the article. My ski industry …



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