My Own Rebrand

I remember the day I chose to exit the ski industry after being in the business for 38 years. The finality of that decision became official several days later when our local newspaper published the story. I’d heard that fear and excitement are parallel emotions, and I was simultaneously feeling both as I read the article.

My ski industry journey began  in 1976 when I was hired to teach skiing at Aspen Highlands.  I developed the tools of my trade, and eventually my influence as a ski teacher became recognized regionally.  Skiing was my passion, and at some point, it became my identity. 

After 16 years of being on the slopes, however, I chose a different path less physically demanding. I became a ski area marketing director in 1992 and in doing so, started my journey toward a new endeavor, graphic design.

I learned design by trial and error. I rummaged through software rather clumsily, but what I did learn became integrated into my daily routine. I spent another 18 years learning how to design everyday marketing products for the resorts I represented. I designed company forms, newsletters, posters, outdoor signs, newspaper ads, point of purchase materials, web graphics, and I learned how to manage a website via a content management system. Graphic design became my new passion. 

I’ve just emerged from earning an Associate Degree in Graphic Design. I’m now taking a leap of faith by starting my own graphic design business, Rico Designs.

I look forward to using my experience, and my new skills to help other business owners fine tune their brand messaging, and carry their brand confidently into marketing products.

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